About My Degree: BA Advertising and Marketing by Tobias Dahlhaus

My three years at Lancaster have provided me with fundamental understanding of advertising and marketing that has been applied across numerous internships, networking events and more. What has really stood out is the breadth and depth of the ‘advertising and marketing’ degree, providing a strong foundation across a wide range of topics, yet detailed enough to apply learned concepts and theory to real-life situations. The community feel within LUMS has been incredibly valuable especially through team working, support, friendships and events. Interacting with people from across the globe creates a deeper understanding of how concepts can be applied globally and how cultural differences impact executions.

Perhaps the most valuable part of this community has come from the careers team. Being able to continually bounce thoughts and ideas off of them in relation to the industry, progress and future development has given me confidence in finding internships as well as confidence going into them. Having belief in my ability to work effectively and deliver on any task handed to me at agencies like Wieden+Kennedy, BBH and AMV BBDO was something built up from the continued personal development and education. The breadth of the degree was something picked up upon by colleagues in the workplace, where having analytical skills and specific knowledge, in areas such as ‘consumer behaviour’ and ‘routes to market’, created value applicable to the task.

Naturally, modules such as ‘advertising’ stand out, which helped solidify my interest in the industry and created an opportunity to deliver work which was applicable to both the coursework and real life. Off the back of this module, I entered the D&AD awards to further hone in my skillset and continue learning about the processes involved. In an environment where employers are increasingly looking for more than a degree and work experience, LUMS comes into its own through the events and projects which can be drawn upon such as the Marketing Me event, guest lectures, talks within societies, and masterclass sessions with external speakers.

Ultimately the degree and support network created the opportunity for me to go and further develop and delve deeper into my interest through further reading, podcasts, professional industry events and internships. It is about making your own luck and creating situations where all the learning and development can be put into practice, making it easier to both find a job upon graduation as well as supporting everyday learning and work throughout the course.