About my degree: BSc Marketing Management – Keyleigh Packer

Hi, my name is Keyleigh, I’m currently in my final year in BSc Marketing Management at Lancaster University. My degree spans over four years; my third year being a ‘sandwich’ year in industry working at Blackpool Council as their Student Communications Assistant.

Returning for my final year, I find myself now more motivated, eager to research and finalise coursework. My assignments that include creating strategic marketing plans and simulating creating communication for a government campaign now have more relevance to me as it links nicely to my work placement.

This course has not only delivered the theories, strategies and key skill essential to gaining my degree, but also the priceless opportunity to put learning into practice. My placement year gave me ‘real world’ opportunities; expanding not only my industry knowledge but also developing key personal skills and confidence, enabling me to be able to stand out from the crowd when looking for future careers.

Looking back fondly on my first year; I now recognise how essential key skills and theories taught then have been to my development. The varied modules gave insight into practices and theories, delivering opportunities to learn, embrace and apply them, not only in your learning, but also everyday life. I now often subconsciously find myself critically analysing tv adverts, leadership styles and identifying the “marketing mix”.

The teaching delivery at Lancaster is engaging, each lecturer having a unique teaching style, reflecting their personal interest in their subject. During my three years of learning I’ve watched lecturers talk with such spirit and passion, often backing up taught theories with their own ‘real life’ examples.

Coursework is undertaken both individually and in groups, both equally valuable in expanding my research, referencing and question skills on theories such as; why we consume the way we do and how brands can learn from one another. Team work brings different learning challenges; initially identifying personal strengths i.e.: leadership, engaging presentation, or creativity, then building the team around these. Through this you further develop; writing, speaking and teamworking styles, alongside learning to adapt and adjust as required in real work-life situations.

Reflecting on my whole experience as a student at Lancaster, I can truly say that I’ve blossomed, developing my personal skills such as: organisation, leadership and communications alongside essential academic ones such as: critical thinking and teamworking, utilising the abundance of academic resources available on campus. My confidence also continues to grow, I’ve not only become more self-aware, but also able to see the bigger picture in world changes and developments. With so much support, academic and personal, from the whole department, you are never left to struggle through your degree.

Overall, my whole university experience is a chapter of my life I will never forget. I’ve learnt invaluable life skills and been able to put learnt theory into practice. I’m now excited and looking forwards to graduation and the opportunities ahead.

If you would like to know more about my placement year then click this link to learn more about my role: http://wp.lancs.ac.uk/lums/marketing/1795