About my degree: Business Management by Sofia Ortega Santos

As my time studying at LUMS comes to an end, it is a good time to reflect on what my four years as a Business Management student at Lancaster have been like.

When I moved to Lancaster from my home country, Spain, I was happy to find that there is such a big international community! Even after four years, I am still amazed by the number of people from different nationalities and backgrounds I have had the chance to meet which I find incredibly exciting and enriching!

During my first and second year, I had the chance to gain knowledge in a wide range of subject areas: from economics, accounting and finance, to marketing and consulting. This is one of the key things I have enjoyed the most about my degree. The variety of topics has allowed me to discover which areas I am keener on and sparked my interest in topics that I had never been involved with such as sustainability in business. I was given the opportunity to take the World Business Council for Sustainable Development Bootcamp as a module, which gave me the chance to hear from leading businesses’ senior management and members of the WBCSD organisation about the actions they are taking to accelerate the transition to a sustainable world.

After finishing my second year, I decided to do a year in industry at Bentley Motors in its Sales and Marketing department, which was a challenging yet rewarding experience. It was very different from what I had experienced so far at university, so I found it to be the perfect complement to my degree. It was the first time that my work and level of engagement not only impacted myself, but also my colleagues and eventually the organisation, thus growing my sense of responsibility and commitment. Before, during and even after my placement I always counted on the LUMS Careers’ team support. They have endeavoured to help me portray myself as the type of professional that employers are looking for.

My experience on placement helped me to return to Lancaster for my final year even more motivated and committed to performing my best in assessments. In many cases, I have found how the theory links to my work experience, which helps me get a better insight into the topic. In my final year, I was given more freedom to choose my modules, which allowed focus on those areas I had really enjoyed in previous years. I also chose my specialisms, which are Accounting and Finance and Marketing.

Now that I am about to graduate and move onto the next chapter of my life, I especially value having had the chance to be taught by lecturers that convey their passion for their subjects and that have been so keen to help me expand my knowledge and develop critical thinking skills. I am extremely grateful for these four years that have helped me grow personally, academically, and professionally, giving me the confidence I need to continue with my professional career and achieve my goals.