About my degree: BSc Business Economics – Laura Trigg

Nearing the end of my degree allows for a time of reflection, and to pass on anything I think would be useful to know when coming to Lancaster!

I ended up at Lancaster through clearing, which seemed like the scariest thing in the world at the time, but it meant that I ended up at a university that suits me a whole lot better than the other choices, so I’m thankful I ended up in that situation! I chose to do Business Economics because of the freedom of the degree and the choice of modules that were available, and the management school (LUMS) really supported when helping me choose the modules that suited me.

I’ve learned so much during my time at Lancaster, having done a year-long placement sandwiched in the middle of my degree. While I did learn about the professional environment and the aspects of the job, I learned about myself more, learning what I do and don’t like, and what areas I would like to pursue a career in when I finish. Having Lancaster behind me definitely helps with applications for placement year and with graduate jobs; I secured both on my first interview. Available to me were practice interviews, assessment centres, meet employer events, which are great for networking as well as finding out more about the company, and what to do to ace their recruitment process.

Life in Lancaster is great fun! It is a small town, but there are still places to go and the train links are great, only last week my housemates and I went for a walk in the Lake District, and if you fancy visiting a bigger city at the weekend, Manchester is not far on the train at all! Lancaster has a homely feel, and because it is a smaller university, there is a great community feel to it, and you’ll always end up bumping into people you know. There are also so many societies! I am part of the music society and the Trampolining club, which means I get to compete in Roses, the biggest and best varsity in Europe, taking place between Lancaster and York, which has to be my favourite weekend of the year!

The management school is so supportive, and I have had huge help from the economics and the placements team in particular. My favourite modules throughout the whole course were international macroeconomics in my second year and health economics that I finished last term. I am now looking at possibly doing a master’s degree in health economics, something that I would have never considered if it had not been for my health economics lecturer.

For any prospective student, I would say it was the best four years I’ve had in a long time! It has been challenging, but being able to grow and learn with the course has been one of the things that has made this course so rewarding.