Monitoring your progress

The typical university student is doing a three-year degree, but it’s only the second and final year that actually counts towards their degree classification. Some degrees are designed so second year is worth 50% of the degree classification and third year worth the remaining 50%. We’ve all heard people say that first year doesn’t count, […]

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Revision Strategies

One of the many things that come with going back to university after a break are all the tests and exams. And with exams, come revision. Whether your revision involves opening up those notes for the first time this year or going through them again just to remember the little things, the purpose of revision […]

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Getting ready for Lent Term

As the holidays whizz by, and the beginning of lent term gets closer, so do all the exams, and deadlines along with it. With so many deadlines within a week or two, after going back, it might seem overwhelming at the end of the holidays when you have only got a week or so left, […]

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I remember in year 11 (last year of secondary school in the UK) when we were figuring out whether we wanted to apply to a sixth-form or a college and getting ready to take our GCSE’s, our teachers would always say “It’s a big jump from GCSEs to A-levels.” Back then I remember thinking this […]

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What to do in your spare time

Whilst University is a great place to come and study something that you enjoy and learn more about it, you will probably realise very quickly that you end up with a lot of free time when you are not in lectures or other classes. This was something that I became very aware of within my […]

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