January 2015: Begin the year with a challenge

Happy new year to our readers out there!

Here at Lancaster our year does directly start with a big challenge: Four exams in four days. I’m glad we had some courses on time management and efficient learning techniques earlier this term, otherwise this workload would be difficult to handle.

During the first days of the new year all my fellow students from the Finance program arrived on campus again. As I am a person that best learns in a group, I use the days before the first exams to meet with other, discuss issues and calculate as many practice questions as possible. It is great that we have that many open study spaces available on campus, even with big groups we find a place to sit. Those learning sessions are long and exhausting but regular treats (chocolate, cookies and energy drinks) and the great company makes everybody quite happy.

Our exam week starts with a test in quantitative methods for finance, for me probably the most challenging exam. Luckily I don’t face any unexpected question and can end the exam in time – the good preparation pays off. After a quick lunch I directly continue to study for the next day, foundations of finance. The exam goes well again and so do the last two exams of this week, introduction to financial statement analysis and financial markets.

After this very stressful week I spend a weekend in Amsterdam with some fellow students, thanks to the nearby Manchester Airport a quick trip to do 🙂