Christmas is coming!

I have recently been trying to create an Accounting and Finance society and I am pleased to say it has had LUSUs approval! This is an amazing opportunity and as acting founder and soon to be president, I am very exciting to start creating and promoting it. I feel it will be a vital part of LUMS and hopefully it will be as successful as other academic societies. It will make it easier for people to meet other students studying Accounting and Finance.

In order to create the society, me and my team of fellow accountant enthusiasts had to give a presentation in front of LUSU. This was interesting as it developed our skills in talking to large groups of people and proposing our ideas in a professional manner. They were all very nice which made it run smoothly and we felt more comfortable presenting to them. We had to create a budget and an event plan which we put forward to LUSU. These are things that I have never had to do before so it was quite interesting to work together and almost forecast how much money we were going to achieve etc. Through this experience I developed new skills and improved upon my public speaking.

On a not so happy note, we got our ACF 350 reports back on Friday, I was unhappy with my grade because I worked so hard on it but that wasn’t reflected in the grade. However, the feedback I got was invaluable and I can use this to improve upon my report writing skills improving future report grades. Try not to let grades that you aren’t pleased with get you down, try harder next time and learn from your mistakes. You are intelligent especially if you’re at Lancaster studying, it is a top university. As long as you’re willing to try again and not agonize over a single bad grade, you will do well. Even though it wasn’t the grade I wanted at least I know where I went wrong to improve next time, University is a learning curve, you aren’t expected to get 100% every time but you are expected to give 100%. If you tried your best, then that’s all that counts. Don’t beat yourself up over one grade, just pick yourself up and try even harder in the next one. Learn from your mistakes in order to make the next grade, a grade you deserve and desire.

On a positive note, I have been putting up Christmas decorations at my Uni house (I live in town), I’m feeling all Christmassy. The library Christmas decorations are looking lovely too and the lights on the trees in Alex Square are spectacular at night. All of these are making me look forward to the Christmas holiday and there’s only 2 weeks left of the term but try not to start relaxing and slowing down leading up to Christmas. Keep pushing yourself and keep working hard. Go to all your lectures as even though these lectures may not be tested on in this term, they definitely will come up in the summer exam so make sure you’re still trying your best! You don’t want to miss out on any crucial information that you’ll be kicking yourself about in the summer exam.

Try and get involved with Christmas events! Last year Lancaster University had a Christmas market in the learning zone and outside Bowland bar, they put up a massive snow globe that you could go inside of and there was a santa’s grotto set up too, it was amazing. This is really worth checking out so as a revision or work break go and have a quick look. You could even decorate your flat/ house up a little for Christmas with your flatmates or do a secret santa among friends.

Christmas is coming! Keep working hard !