Getting the most out of your time at University

After the hecticity of fresher’s week, I’ve experienced 6 weeks of university so far. With them, have come many lectures, courseworks, and a few tests. Leaving academics aside, there’s also all the social events happening, whether it’d be societies, parties with people you study with, or live with. After experiencing quite a bit of it all, I think I’ve narrowed down a list of things, everyone can do, to maximise their utilisation of time, and get the most out of your university’s educational, and social experience. I think I’ve come up with a good balance of work and social life, and some other things that I should have done myself but didn’t (and you definitely should!)

Starting off with the academics, getting used to the style of education at university, is the first step. You have a lot more of self-study time, and it’s important that you make good use of this. If possible, you can even try scheduling your workshops/tutorials in such a way that you have a free day outside the weekend, where you can fully focus on getting work done on your own. Since there are fewer contact hours with your lecturers than you’ve probably experienced in the past, working on your own is very important.

In terms of making sure you know what’s going on in your course it’s important that you go to most of your lectures and all your workshops. I cannot stress enough, how much attending a workshop, might help you in the long run. Workshops, especially for ECON102 (which is a compulsory module, if you’re studying Accounting and Finance) help you to link the theoretical concepts, with practical applications. This not only helps in terms of understanding, but also makes sure you can do the types of questions that show up in the tests. The workshops are also made up of smaller groups of students. This helps you clarify your doubts on a one to one basis, rather than as a person in a crowd of 200+ people in a lecture. It also makes sure that the tutor solves your doubt before moving to the next issue.

One thing I feel also helps you maximise your chances of doing well in tests, is making friends on your course. Now you might think, how does this help? We all might be learning the same things, but different people understand and retain different things as well. So, if you know a few others on your course, it means you can always go ask them a quick doubt, when you can’t ask your lecturer/tutor. It also helps just before tests, especially if you learn better in a group, because then you already know people you can revise with.

If you plan to do well at university, (which you should!) I highly recommend that you don’t miss lectures because you went out to party during the week. Fair enough if you become ill, and can’t make it, but parties should not be an excuse. It’s a better idea to keep parties away for the weekend, and focus on work during the week.

In terms of socialising, if you are a party person, and you become good friends with the people you live with, and go out with them it’s all perfect, but this isn’t always the case. It might be that you aren’t a party person? In that case joining societies which focus on your interests is a really good idea. If you are career oriented, maybe joining societies which will help you with that might be a good idea! This also helps you build up your contacts outside of your lectures. University isn’t just about building up your knowledge. It’s also about getting as far ahead of everyone else as you can, when you get out of university, and contacts help you do that. See a posting for a dream job? Maybe you will get to know someone from a society who ends up working there, you can get a quick and easy recommendation.

These were just some of the things I’ve figured out to utilise my time the best I can,  in my first 6 weeks of university. What are some of the tips you follow to make the most out of your time?