About My Degree: MSc Advanced Financial Analysis by Konstantinos Stamatopoulos

The first time I heard about the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) program was in my fourth year in University (Universities in Greece are four years) by a professor on one of my finance modules. He recommended it as a must for any person who wanted a decent career in finance.  I searched to find out exactly what CFA was, how important it really was and what knowledge it could provide me with. Naturally, I was intrigued immediately. When I was searching for masters programs online, I came across the curriculum of the Advanced Financial Analysis course and I saw that CFA Level 1 and Level 2 were included. I immediately decided that this was the masters program I wanted to study.

Once I started the Advanced Financial Analysis course, I found that the Fitch instructor was very good. He explained everything with lots of detail. In the classroom, we focused on the most important aspects of the curriculum, and outside of the classroom I started to study the Schweser books that the university provided. After I finished each topic I did the Fitch questions, and at the end with almost ten hours of studying per day in the last month I managed to finish the entire curriculum six days before the CFA examination. Even though I didn’t finish all the curriculum in time for the University module exam, I scored 65% which placed me above the masters class average, something that made me extremely confident. During my CFA studies, I learned a lot of things including expanding my basic accounting knowledge, and developing my understanding of portfolio theory which will be very useful for my future career.

I had a lot of help through the Schweser books I was given at the beginning of the term, the Fitch notes that explained the major topics, the lessons with the Fitch instructor and the Fitch platform which was really helpful and well organised. I learned so many new things and I am looking forward to seeing my results. If you are considering studying the CFA, my main advice is that you need to be well prepared, make the most of the available resources and support, and start your study as soon as you begin your course.