About my degree: BSc Finance – Yuki Ma

It always makes me happy when someone mentions Lancaster University. To me, the campus is the perfect place for study, research, and quiet contemplation.

I am currently studying BSc Finance, which challenges me daily whilst offering a wide variety of opportunities. It is very common for first-year students to not know what they want to do in the future, and what should be their starting point for figuring this out. I was fortunate that my course offered a compulsory module, which involved completing a task every term, which pushed us to consider what we would like to pursue as a career. Throughout the first year we were encouraged to consider our Employability, and prepare an Employability Development Plan whilst constantly improving our CV’s.

After I finished my final exams, I took part in a business simulation challenge competition, where students are divided into groups. Every group of students, act like a small company, everyone has their own job, and have to work together on calculations, marketing, and analysis to gain the highest profit to win the game.

Throughout my time on the course, there were weekly workshops and presentations that take place, which can range from career fairs, mock assessment centers and talks from a variety of companies. The PWC presentation I attended really helped me gain insight into the application process, what kind of person they were looking for and the characteristics they were after. It’s a great way to gain insider knowledge about a company, and to gather tips on how to stand out when applying to work for them.

As mentioned before LUMS hold many career fairs on campus. It’s a great opportunity to meet and chat with recruiters from hundreds of companies, helping to build your network of employer contacts. I am really happy that I chose Lancaster University, I have made new friends and fully experienced university life. I believe this is the right place to find who you are, what you want, and how to get there.