About my degree – Paula Robezniece – Accounting and Finance

Now, just before graduation, I am reflecting on my time at Lancaster. The actual experience far exceeded my expectations of LUMS.

I am an international student studying Accounting and Finance at Lancaster University Management School, also called LUMS. At high school I wasn’t sure yet what exactly I wanted to study, but I was career orientated and the Accounting & Finance course at LUMS seemed like a good start. I was not mistaken. Firstly, our course was very practical. All modules included examples from real life, of each specific topic. For example, we had case studies, based on the work that leading consulting companies are doing right now. Also, we had to do a lot of research about companies, which allowed us to relate the theory that we learn in class to the real world. The course is definitely challenging, but now I feel I have learned a lot and I am more confident to start my career.

LUMS is great, not only with providing excellent education but also with giving extensive support for career-orientated students. From the very beginning, we were told that good grades are only a fraction of criteria that employees are looking for. Another important part is what students do outside the core study process. Firstly, students can join different business societies and develop skills whilst gaining experience in their field of interest. Economics, investments, finance, project management, marketing – these are just a few of the societies available to students. This offers a great foundation for every students, where you can mingle with peers and gain some new experience. The university has strong partnerships with many different businesses, and you will have the opportunity to network with the representatives during numerous career fairs. This allows students to find out about their career prospects without even leaving campus.

I was lucky enough to do my placement year at Ernst & Young (EY). Before my assessment centre, I had an opportunity to speak with one of the employees and even do a mock interview. This experience gave me a big confidence boost, which at the end helped me land the job.

I believe LUMS is a good place for any ambitious, career-minded students. From excellent education to networking events with leading businesses – LUMS has it. All you need to do is get involved and keep your goals high.


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