Conference on Portuguese as a Foreign Language at the University of Minho

V Jornadas de PLE Didática e Aquisição

Instituto de Letras e Ciências Humanas, University of Minho, January 19-20, 2018

The Centro de Estudos Humanísticos at the University of Minho (CEHUM) recently hosted the fifth edition of the Jornadas de PLE Didática e Aquisição, an annual conference dedicated to the acquisition and teaching of Portuguese as a Foreign Language. This interdisciplinary event took place on January 19-20 and was organized by Cristina Flores and Micaela Ramon.

The objective of this important conference series is to promote research on Portuguese as Foreign Language by bringing together researchers working on second language acquisition and researchers working on language teaching. Several Consortium members attended the event to present their work.

You can download the program by clicking on this link. For more information, please email the organizers, Cristina Flores ( and Micaela Ramon (