From cross-border healthcare to pharmaceutical regulation, fiscal policies to COVID-19, global interactions to Brexit, the reach of European Union (EU) health law and policy continues to evolve, generating more and more questions about the role of the EU, effects on Member States and other countries’ healthcare systems, and interactions with entities as diverse as the Council of Europe, the European Court of Human Rights and the World Health Organization.

Building on discussions among lawyers and political scientists from UACES panels and the recent “EU Health Law and Policy” project

Health in Europe is…

A virtual discussion forum hosted by the Centre for Law and Society, Lancaster Law School (UK) 

All discussions run between 12pm and 1pm (UK time) via Teams, unless otherwise indicated. 

Spring – Summer 2021

Date Title  Speaker
Wed 14 April 4pm

The Future of EU Health Law and Policy

Panel discussion (90 minutes)

Wed 28 April 12pm

Towards a Healthy European Semester through ‘Green and Inclusive Growth’? A Research Agenda

Dr Charlotte Godziewski (Aston)
Wed 5 May 12pm The use of EU soft law in the making of domestic eHealth policies: from Electronic Health Records to Covid-19 contact tracing applications Dr Chloé Bérut (Pacte – Grenoble)
Wed 12 May 12pm EU Health Solidarity in Times of Crisis: Explaining Public Preferences Towards EU risk Pooling for Medicines 

Dr Anniek de Ruijter (Amsterdam) and Dr Sharon Baute (Amsterdam)

Wed 19 May 12pm

Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan: Is it Fit for Purpose?

Dr Tomislav Sokol (Zagreb)

Wed 2 June 4pm Hospital Mergers in the Aftermath of COVID-19

Dr Theodosia Stavroulaki (DePaul) and Dr Pinelopi Giosa (Portsmouth)

Wed 16 June 12pm If Europe can Beat Cancer, then why not Addiction? An exploration of the rationale and opportunities for building a European Strategy on Addiction

Dr Ollie Bartlett (Maynooth)

Wed 23 June 3pm

What progress in achieving transparency in pharmaceutical regulation?


Panel discussion (90 minutes)

Professor Katherine Fierlbeck (Dalhousie); Professor Emeritus Joel Lexchin (York); Dr Jennifer Miller (Yale); Dr Kim Boesen (Meta-Research Innovation Center Berlin)

Next Health in Europe discussion is on Wednesday 28 April 2021: 12pm (UK time) 

Towards a Healthy European Semester through ‘Green and Inclusive Growth’? A Research Agenda 

Dr Charlotte Godziewski (Aston)

The notion that health is shaped by broader socioeconomic conditions is widely accepted. In the EU, this awareness is reflected in, for example, the ‘Health in All Policies’ agenda which seeks to mainstream health in other policy areas. The implementation of ‘Health in All Policies’ in areas like the EU economic governance, however, has been limited. In an attempt to reach those areas with the least perceived relevance to health, but which nevertheless shape public health by impacting socioeconomic inequities, some health advocates and policymakers are adapting their message. The role of the economy itself, and the need for it to place wellbeing, health, and sustainability at its centre (for example: ‘wellbeing economy’), now features more prominently. The European Green Deal, for example, is the new growth strategy of the European Commission, and it emphasises the need for economic growth to be environmentally sustainable as well as fair and inclusive. Sustainability and inclusivity, according to the strategy, is to be reflected in the economic governance tools, including the European Semester. The concept of ‘green and inclusive growth’ however, is contested and remains vague. This agenda outlines the need for more research into the discursive and ideational dynamics that shape the meaning of what constitutes ‘inclusive growth’, and the concrete ways in which it is supposed to improve public health through economic governance tools. 


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