GREAT – Gridding Equitable urban futures in Areas Of Transition


Routledge Handbook of Social Futures

Featuring chapters from an international range of leading and emerging scholars, this Handbook provides a collection of cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research that sheds new light on contemporary futures studies. Engaging with key defining questions of the early twenty-first century such as climate change, big data, AI, the future of economics, education, mental health, cities and more, the Handbook provides a review and synthesis of futures scholarship, highlighting the role that societies can and should play in their making. While the various chapters demonstrate how futures emerge and take shape in particular places at particular times, the distinctive insight provided by the volume overall is that futures thinking today must be social and contextual.

Por: Carlos López-Galviz

Zero Waste Initiatives in Slum Settlements

The aim of this research was to identify zero waste initiatives used in slum settlements globally. The findings will be able to be linked to work being carried out by The Gridding Equitable Urban Futures in Areas of Transition Project, for improving informal settlement communities in both Cali, Colombia and Havana, Cuba.

Por: Ella English