Forecasting with R
30th & 31st January 2020

About the Course

What will you learn?

Learning outcomes

After attending this course you will be able to:
  • Analyse time series structure;
  • Identify the time series components;
  • Produce point forecasts and prediction intervals for any time series;
  • Evaluate the accuracy of your forecasts;
  • Make relevant managerial decisions based on the point and interval forecasts.
And all of that is delivered in R.

Course prerequisites

The only requirement for the attendees of the course is to know the basics of R, understand the "if-else" logic and be familiar with idea of loops. The rest will be covered in the course.
  • You are not required to know anything about forecasting - we will teach you;
  • You are not expected to know statistics - we will explain the essentials;
  • You do not need to be an R expert - we will show you how to become one.

Course content

This two-day course will cover topics:

  • The basics of time series analysis, including time series decomposition and seasonality detection;
  • Simple forecasting methods, such as Na├»ve, moving and global avereages;
  • Advanced forecasting methods, such as ETS, ARIMA, regression and Neural Networks;
  • Elements of promotional modelling;
  • Forecasts evaluation;

You can find more details about the course here.

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About the CMAF

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The course will be delivered by the CMAF members:

Dr. Ivan Svetunkov

Prof. Nikos Kourentzes

Lancaster University Management School, Bailrigg, Lancaster, LA1 4YX