Help Callum & Help Sali 360 videos and education resources

We have teamed up with the Environment Agency and the University of Hull to develop two exciting new 360 video experiences and related education resources based on flood narratives we collected during our ESRC Children, Young People and Flooding project.

While these virtual reality videos provide a child’s perspective, they are aimed at promoting flood awareness among all age groups. Viewers are asked to think how they would help Callum or Sali with the different challenges they face, opening up discussion about the nature of flood risk and the complexities of recovery.

For the best experience access via the YouTube App on a smartphone. If you have a cardboard virtual reality headset this will give you the full Virtual Reality experience!

Help Callum

Help Callum tells the story of a young boy who was flooded out of his home and the impact this had on him, his family and his neighbourhood. The story begins on the day of the flood, as Callum and his parents watch the water rise to the point when there is no alternative but to evacuate: Dad said, ‘We need to go now. When I say now, I mean now.’

We then follow Callum in the weeks and months after the flood, as he and his family deal with the difficult process of recovery. The story ends when Callum finally moves back home after eight months – but the place feels like a ‘ghost town’ as most of his neighbours are still unable to return. And what if it floods again…?

Help Sali

Help Sali is the latest of our 360 videos, which explores the different experiences of a young girl who has to move with her family after their home is flooded, first to a hotel and then into temporary accommodation.

Sali’s story highlights the difficulties faced by families that have to evacuate in an emergency and the need for greater support and awareness of the issues facing people with disabilities. Sali also shows understanding of the need to adapt and demonstrates how sharing her experience can help promote greater resilience to flood risk in the wider community.

Help Callum and Help Sali flood education resources

The team has worked with teachers and students at schools in England, as well as young people from the National Children’s Bureau, to co-develop a set of teaching and learning resources to accompany our 360 videos. These resources draw on the power of immersive storytelling to engage young people in issues of flood risk and inspire them to action in their local community.

The resources include a teacher pack with lesson plans and support materials plus two extended learning video resources, which invite viewers to explore in more detail the various issues raised by the Help Callum and Help Sali videos.

All these resources are available here.