Media summary: February-August 2014

During my three month maternity leave from February to the end of April 2014, I was contacted by – and had to turn down requests from – FUBAR Radio, BBC Radio Sheffield, BBC Radio Lancaster (twice), BBC Radio 4 (twice), LBC Radio (three times), Sky News (twice), BBC News, a Channel 4 documentary team, and a range of independent and international journalists.

Throughout May to August 2014, I featured in the BBC2 flagship documentary, Blurred Lines: The New Battle of the Sexes, featuring Kirsty Wark, the Channel 4 documentary, The Virgin Killer, and the A&E documentary, The Campus Killer: Santa Barbara (aired in the US). I was also interviewed and/or quoted by Sky News, BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour and Word of Mouth programmes, BBC Radio Wales, FUBAR Radio, the New York Times, Australia Financial Review, Men’s Health (US) magazine, Stylist magazine, the Telegraph (twice), Ekstra Bladet, La Nación, Nyelv és Tudoman, the Lancaster Guardian, and the Hamilton Review. I was also interviewed and quoted extensively over the background of the individual involved in the ISIS beheading video, and appeared in well over ten thousand publications and news reports around the globe, including LBC Radio, the Mirror, the Guardian, and numerous local BBC and commercial radio stations.