The Case of Mark Zuckerberg

1 – Introduction
Over the past few months, news has emerged[ref][ref] that yet another person is trying to sue Mark Zuckerberg for a share of Facebook. This time, it’s Paul Ceglia, who claims to have a work-for-hire contract with Zuckerberg entitling him to 50% of Facebook’s fortune. To support this claim, Ceglia has produced emails that he says were sent between himself and Zuckerberg, including one allegedly by Zuckerberg stating, “I’d like to suggest that […] we officially return to 50/50 ownership”. However, whilst emails could usually have their headers examined and cross-referenced with server logs to establish certain aspects of their authenticity, Ceglia claims that he kept these emails as Word files, ergo no headers.

Facebook’s lawyers pitched for disputing authorship (amongst other things), by arguing that Ceglia’s emails are fabrications, and they called in Emeritus Professor Gerald R. McMenamin to perform a forensic stylistic analysis on the eleven emails in Ceglia’s Complaint[ref] (Doc39) which were purportedly written by Zuckerberg. McMenamin has submitted a Declaration[ref] (Doc50) in support of the defendant, disputing the authenticity of these eleven suspect emails. On the plaintiff’s side, John Evans has filed a Declaration[ref] (Doc61) which briefly refers to the Word files. Continue reading