The Case of Jenny Nicholl

1 – Introduction
Though an older case now, it is by no means a minor one, and involved the analysis of text messaging by forensic linguists in establishing the provenance of text messages received from a missing girl’s phone. The girl in question was 19-year-old Jenny Nicholl, of Richmond in North Yorkshire. Last seen by her parents leaving her home on the 30th of June 2005, she told them that she would not be home that night, however, despite the fact that her father and friends were receiving texts supposedly from her, when Jenny had not come home four days later, and her car was found abandoned at the Holy Hill Inn on the outskirts of Richmond, her parents reported her to the police as missing (04th of July 2005).

After a massive manhunt operation lasting five months, on the 03rd of November 2005, despite the fact that they had not (and have never yet) found her body, Detective Inspector Pete Martin announced that the investigation had become a murder enquiry. Unemployed, 50-year-old father-of-two, David Hodgson became the prime suspect. Continue reading