The Case of Chris Coleman

1 – Introduction
In Illinois, part of bodyguard Chris Coleman’s trial for the murder of his wife and two sons involved FL data.

2 – Data
Robert Leonard, of Hofstra University (New York) was invited to give testimony about the similarities he found between emails Coleman authored, and graffiti found at the scene of the murder. (Images can be found here but please note – NSFW. Unless you work as a forensic linguist.)

3 – Analysis
Leonard’s research found patterns in capitalisation (e.g. you have PAID, I saw you LEAVE), non-standard compounds (e.g. setup, goodtime, sometime), and misplaced apostrophes (e.g. dont’, wont’, doesnt’). These were compared with Google corpora (not clear which, or how, from the article).

4 – Conclusion
Despite the fact that the defence attorneys were ready with counter expert testimony, Coleman was found guilty.

5 – References/sources
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And many others. Google Chris Coleman trial to find more.

6 – Postscript