The Case of Guttenberg’s Plagiarism Press

1 – Introduction
Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg’s thesis has made the headlines for all the wrong reasons – large sections of it are said to bear some unfortunate similarities to the works of others. Many others…

2 – Data
I was quite excited about getting stuck into the crowd-sourced site set up to analyse his work, but alas, my first visit blew this all out of the water since – no surprise in hindsight – it’s all in German, of which I speak not a bean.

But let it not be said that I didn’t provide a link to the source anyway.

3 – Analysis
None from me personally, but the crowd-powered mega-hunt concluded that as much of two-thirds of his thesis are found to be non-original. This interesting picture speaks many thousands of words, and makes a nice desktop wallpaper if you’re in a particularly anti-intellectual-theft mood.

4 – Conclusion
Don’t plagiarise.

5 – References/sources
Amongst many…
Deutsche Welle
The Local
Spiegel Online
If you want more, a simple Google search for Guttenberg plagiarism will furnish all your waking hours with as much on the topic as you could possibly desire.

6 – Postscript
Guttenberg has subsequently resigned both his title of Doctor and his political position.