Healthcare Mobilities & National Health Systems: Working Papers Collection

Healthcare Mobilities and National Health Systems. Cover for collection of working papers from the first Doctors within Borders workshop
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This collection features some of the papers presented at the first Doctors within Borders workshop in January 2020. The event brought together an international group of social scientists, healthcare practitioners and activists to explore shared interests in migration, borders, healthcare and mobility.

It was a timely discussion. The COVID-19 crisis threw many of the issues raised into painfully sharp focus. Although this collection predates COVID, it is all the more relevant and important today.

It includes:

Who is a ‘Temporary Migrant’?  Deservingness, Nationalism and Migrant Access to the NHS | Gwyneth LonerganRead

Bordering and Disordering in the National Health Service | Kathryn Cassidy | Read

Polish Migration Forum: Assisting Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Poland | Agnieszka Kosowicz | Read

HIV, Citizenship and Bordering Mechanisms in Berlin | Pawel Lewicki | Read

Access to Healthcare for Asylum-Seekers in Turkey | F. Deniz Mardin & Nuray Özgülnar | Read

Emotional Borderwork in the NHS | Jessica L Potter & Isabel Meier | Read

Blood Mobilities: Vital Mobilities in the Climate Crisis | Stephanie Sodero | Read


It also features an Introduction and Afterward (a post-COVID afterword) from the Doctors within Borders team.

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