We already have a wide range of collaborations with organisations outside of academia. These range from work with major national institutions, to international networks, to small local heritage groups.

An example of a national partner is the the British Library, with whom we have worked extensively on using large digital corpora and currently have an ESRC CASE PhD studentship using BL resources to look at 19th century immigration.

One of our a international collaborations is Pelagios, an initiative with  academic, charitable and memory institutions partners from over 13 countries. It welcomes further partnerships and interested parties can connect with the Pelagios community at the Pelagios Commons website.

Locally, we have a long-standing collaboration with Lancaster Military Heritage Group that led to the Streets of Mourning website. We have also have a number of partnerships with organisations within the Lake District, and work closely with Lancaster University’s Regional Heritage Centre. We have also worked with the Wordsworth Trust on exhibitions and events, including theBy Duddon’s Side’ exhibit.

We are keen to develop further relationships at international, national, regional or local level. These might involve collaborative PhD projects or collaborative funding bids, or more minor activities such as joint exhibitions, meetings or talks. For further information please get in touch.