CDA Autobiographies on video (2014)

Autobiographic portraits of five defining figures in CDA were presented at the CDA20+ Symposium (University of Amsterdam, 8-9 September 2014) and are publicly available on YouTube.

Teun van Dijk, Gunther Kress, Ruth Wodak, Theo van Leeuwen and Norman Fairclough reflect on their personal motivation and inspiration to engage in the development of CDA. The first official meeting between these scholars was at the University of Amsterdam, in January 1991, and this set the scene for further discussions and debates on the interdisciplinary and multi-methodological character of CDA. In 2014 they were invited to reflect on their motivation and on the past, present and future of CDA and CDS at the CDA20+ Symposium, in the Library of the same university.

The videos are publicly available, with kind permission from the speakers and the organisers of CDA20+.

  1. Norman Fairclough

(1) CDA20+symposium 2014: 1 Norman Fairclough – YouTube

  1. Gunther Kress

(1) CDA20+symposium 2014: 2 Gunther Kress – YouTube

  1. Teun van Dijk

(1) CDA20+symposium 2014: 3 Teun van Dijk – YouTube

  1. Theo van Leeuwen

(1) CDA20+symposium 2014: 4 Theo van Leeuwen – YouTube

  1. Ruth Wodak

(1) CDA20+symposium 2014: 5 Ruth Wodak – YouTube