February 19, 2018




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The theme of this year’s event is The Future is Now

The Future is Now, aims to explore how we as human beings shape our presence and how it determines our future. The Age of Information has both its benefits and risks for society. Technology develops at an unprecedented pace, enabling humanity to reach unthinkable horizons. On the other end of the spectrum, however, people become more distant from each other, building high walls between themselves.

TEDxLancaster U aims to gather the most prominent individuals from a wide range of disciplines. The team is committed to giving the floor to fascinating thinkers, creators, and doers. We wish to have a line-up of speakers, who would provide us with their insights on our shared future.

Come on a journey with us, diving in the struggles and successes of the past, the questions and hopes of the presence, the dreams and fears for the future.


TEDx LancasterU 2018 Conference speakers


  • Co-founder and CEO of Skoogmusic.
  • Started the company in 2009 with Dr David Skulina following a research project at the University of Edinburgh. The project aimed to address the lack of musical instruments available for children with physical or learning disabilities. This problem led to their first invention – the Skoog, a ground-breaking, tactile musical cube that anyone can play.
  • The first funding round in 2010 allowed the company to begin manufacturing Skoog at its workshop in Leith, and in 2013, Skoog 1.0 was launched in Apple stores across the EU.
  • A crowdfunding campaign in 2015 supported the development of the current Skoog 2.0, a wireless model which was launched globally at comand in select Apple retail stores in 2016.
  • Today Skoog has developed from an education and disability-led innovation into ‘the musical instrument that anyone can play’, with the potential to unlock the fun of making music for all children and families.
  • Skoog Youtube Channel




  • Simon is a recovering academic, having recently completed his PhD in Atmospheric Physics at the University of Exeter.
  • Prior to this he attended the University of Oxford where he was the first member of his family to attend university.
  • As a result of this unusual academic background, he established the YouTube channel SimonOxfPhys to help students from similar backgrounds apply to prestigious universities. The channel has since accrued more than 128,000 subscribers and received over 9 million lifetime views.
  • Since finishing his PhD and making video blogs about the experience every step of the way, he has become a full-time science communicator across multiple platforms.
  • He has a keen interest in the interplay between online video and society, and the changing ways in which we interact with the media we consume.
  • Simon’s YouTube channel



  • Joanne is passionate about education and the way we learn. This is reflected by her current position as a VP of Academic Services for a higher education company, being a part-time PhD candidate and a voracious reader.
  • Joanne is also a former teacher with over twenty years’ experience in online education.
    Her work and study have provided her with personal first-hand experience on the opportunities and challenges that face learners.
  • In the past two months alone she has boarded trains and planes to travel to face-to-face training sessions on two different continents, used smartphones and computers to access online courses, both synchronously and asynchronously, interacted with an instructional chatbot, and donned “goggles ‘n’ gloves” to attend classes in Social VR.
  • With a strong allegiance to “whatever works” in education, she is confident that all of these modes of learning will continue to have important roles to play in the future of education.




  • Dr Saskia Vermeylen is a critical legal scholar working in the area of property theory and resource frontiers.
  • She joined Strathclyde University’s Law School in July 2016 as a Chancellor’s Fellow.
  • She studies the cultural expressions of indigenous people as a source of law and is currently finishing a monograph on critical property theory, for this she is drawing upon the work of the French philosophers Jacques Derrida and Emmanuel Levinas.
  • As part of her interest in property theory, she’s also embarking on a new research project on the legal and ethical meaning behind the ‘common heritage of mankind’, a concept that is currently much debated in the context of outer space mining.
  • She has just been awarded a Leverhulme Fellowship to study the relationship between utopian literature and Space Law. Utopian literature can play a key role in the consideration of alternative governance regimes. As future activities in space may include space settlements, resource mining and space tourism, a radical vision on how to govern space resources is needed.




  • Dr Petrova is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Cambridge. Her research is based at the biggest genomics centre in Europe – The Wellcome Sanger Institute –  where she studies the role of genetics in the immune responses during infection and inflammation.
  • She was born in Bulgaria, but moved to the UK to complete a bachelor degree in Virology and Immunology at the University of Bristol. Her academic journey continued with a PhD at the University of Cambridge where she developed tools to study how our body develops defences against viruses.
  • She is actively involved in a range initiatives aimed to mentor and nurture young talent. She is passionate about science communication and raising awareness about the importance of vaccination and the use of novel genomics approaches for personalised medicine.




  • Sylvia Walby OBE is Distinguished Professor of Sociology, UNESCO Chair of Gender Research, and Director of the Violence and Society UNESCO Centre at Lancaster University.

 OBE is a Queen’s honour given to an individual for a major local role in any activity such as business, charity or the public sector. OBE stands for Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.

  • She is the recipent of the Anneliese Maier Research Award from the Humboldt Foundation, 2018-2023. She is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences, UK; and Chairs the Sociology Sub-Panel for HEFCE REF 2021. She was the founding President of the European Sociological Association.
  • She has published on theories of society in Globalization and Inequalities: Complexity and Contested Modernities (Sage 2009) and Crisis (Polity 2015). Other work concerns gender




  • David Ellis holds a 50th Anniversary Lectureship in Psychology at Lancaster University and an Honorary Research Fellowship at The University of Lincoln.
  • Much of his work considers how recent methodological developments in technology and data collection (often referred to as digital traces) can reveal information about individuals and their behaviour.
  • His publications on these topics can be found in The Lancet Public Health, the International Journal of Neural Systems, Computers in Human Behavior, Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking as well as other prestigious journals.





  • Kevin studied at The Northern School of Contemporary Dance where he gained a first-class degree. His professional commitments include working with: Rambert Dance Company, Scottish Dance Theatre, Phoenix Dance Theatre, CassaniDance, Rubberb and dancegroup (Canada), Henri Oguike Dance Company, Company Decalage, Mad Dogs Dance Theatre and Roda.
  • In the summer of 2007, Kevin was awarded the prestigious Dance Web Scholarship under the framework of ImPulsTanz, Vienna.
  • Kevin has worked in collaboration with Gansango in Seattle USA, Crossfade in Budapest, Hungary and Navala Chaudhuri in London.
  • He has taught in the most major British contemporary dance institutions, as well as in Canada, the USA, Spain, Hungary and the Caribbean.





  • Shalom is the Chief of Staff at Global Leader in the Pharmaceutical Industry, Roche Pharmaceuticals.
  • She is the proud Founder of Naturally Tribal Skincare Ltd. Shalom Lloyd holds a BSc and MSc Pharm from the Ukrainian Academy of Pharmacy and an MBA from the University of Liverpool.
  • She has a keen interest and passion for people, business and trade in emerging markets, with a special interest in
  • Shalom is an active mentor, supporting women to connect and find their voice through networking, developing relationships and championing trade. Leadership to her means combining the ‘what’ with the ‘how’ and the ‘who’ – looking at opportunities that present themselves, putting and connecting with the right people and doing this courageously, continuously challenging the status quo, with integrity, passion and fairness.
  • She is a proud Commonwealth First Export Champion, Precious Award 2017 Outstanding Woman in STEM, Finalist ‘Female Entrepreneur’ Women Leaders MK Awards 2017 and Women4Africa Awards 2018 finalist.