February 19, 2018




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The theme of this year’s event is RefleXion!

Our theme for this years event is RefleXion. We are inviting our participants to approach intellectual challenges with a fresh perspective, open minded attitude, and the willingness to look inward as well as outward. RefleXions is about examining pre-existing conclusions, challenging what we know about the world and ourselves, and constantly pushing the boundaries of our collective curiosity further. We are interested in reflections as well as reflexivity of our environment. We hope to spark this conversation within our participants through exploration of the self, inquiry into the science and analytical look into our social world.

TEDxLancaster U aims to gather the most prominent individuals from a wide range of disciplines. The team is committed to giving the floor to fascinating thinkers, creators, and doers. We wish to have a line-up of speakers, who would provide us with their insights on our shared future.

Come on a journey with us, diving in the struggles and successes of the past, the questions and hopes of the presence, the dreams and fears for the future.


TEDx LancasterU 2019 Conference speakers


  • Dan Degerman is a PhD candidate in philosophy and Society & Ethics Wellcome scholar at Lancaster University. His doctoral research investigates how the transformation of negative emotions into mental disorders impacts political agency.
  • A part of his research focuses recently on the Brexit affairs, where his target is how BBC are treating the Brexit anxiety and how does the political situation affects the society in whole.


Expect more speakers to be added very soon!