Special Issue in European Journal of Soil Science

Announcing a Special Issue for the STARS CDT in the European Journal of Soil Science:  to address “Innovations in Soil Science to address Global Grand Challenges”

Editors Phil Haygarth, Guy Kirk and Davey Jones.

As we have just entered the peak phase of STARS with 40 PhD students active in the college, this is the perfect time to propose a special issue to be published in the EJSS, because it is a BSSS journal working with the British Soils CDT. Volunteer teams of students and supervisors are now encouraged to propose papers around the theme of “Innovations in Soil Science to address Global Grand Challenges” and the STARS sub-themes:

  • Understanding the soil-root interface
  • Soils and the delivery of ecosystem services
  • Resilience and response of functions in soil systems
  • Modelling the soil ecosystem at different spatial and temporal scales

Submissions from teams of students and supervisors from outside STARS from the wider UK Soils community are also encouraged.

All papers will be subject to strict independent peer review.

The timetable:

Up to 31st May 2019: Corresponding authors send provisional paper titles, author list and brief abstract to

End June 2019: Feedback from editorial team to potential authors.

End September 2019: Receipt of full papers.

End March 2020: Reviews, responses, revision and re-submission to be complete.

For further information contact