STARS 2021

Still going strong

Despite not being able to meet in person for some time yet, we are excited to be organising the STARS annual soil science conference 2021. The event is to be held online on Thursday 25th February 2021 between 9:30am and 5pm, followed by a social activity. Although spanning the whole day, interactive presentations will be limited to manageable timetabled slots, with other material available to browse between times.  We anticipate a very engaging journey through the latest developments in soil science.

Further details will be posted here as they become available.

While it is an open meeting, all attendees are required to register via this link

Technical preparation

Microsoft Teams  will be used for the main meeting. A link will be sent to all registrants in good time. Please ensure you have the most recent version of Microsoft Teams available to help with the smooth running of the event.

Gather.Town will be set up for additional informal interactions throughout the day. If you have not used Gather.Town before, we recommend you visit their site and try out the conference demonstration space available, in advance of the STARS conference, to familiarise yourself with it. Registrants will receive a link to the STARS Gather.Town space at the start of the conference.

Agenda and activities

The conference will open at 9:30 on 25th February. A draft agenda is available via the link below. We are excited to be hearing from the STARS students about their research and amazing progress, despite the restrictions placed on us all since we last met, 12 months ago. We are also particularly pleased to be hearing form some STARS alumni about life beyond their STARS PhD.

We also look forward to welcoming our very engaging guest speaker Professor Davey Jones of the University of Bangor and the University of Western Australia.

A poster session and photography competition will run alongside the main conference. There will also be some social activities for those who wish to take part.   

Draft agenda