The Centre for Science Studies (CSS) and affiliated research centres across the university run regular STS Work-in-Progress Get Togethers. These seminars are supportive spaces for discussion of on-going research in Science and Technology Studies (STS).

All PhD students, MA students, post-doc researchers and staff, from across the campus, who are interested in working with STS theories and methods are very welcome to come. This is a chance to share your research interests and your own work-in-progress, as well as to support others.

The STS Get Togethers for the Lent Term takes place every 2 weeks (Wednesdays) in the John Welch Room, University House, at 4-5pm.

  • Week 11 (January 15) Wednesday 4pm-5pm
  • Week 13 (January 29) Wednesday 4pm-5pm
  • Week 15 (February 12) Wednesday 4pm-5pm
  • Week 17 (February 26) Wednesday 4pm-5pm
  • Week 19 (March 11) Wednesday 4pm-5pm

For the STS Get Together on January 15th, 2020, we will hear from artist and PhD student Nikki Pugh (LICA):

Paper pods, heartstrings, bicycles and slow spaces for conversation 

Artist Nikki Pugh shares her MA project ‘Where the Sky Widens: An exploration of slow making and spatially-aware prototypes as methods for considering emotional connections to distant places’. This leads onto her PhD proposal of a community bike hub designed for – and with – women, trans+ and gender diverse people. She invites you to respond to these projects looking at them through your own research lenses as she asks: “have I  been doing STS all along?”.