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In recognition of the various ways in which the unfolding COVID-19 pandemic is affecting Centre for Science Studies members, including CSS board members, staff and students at Lancaster University, and CSS members and followers elsewhere, the CSS board has decided to suspend all but essential activities from the 25th January onwards. This will mean a temporary suspension of board meetings, a temporary suspension of programmes of events and reading groups (although events already scheduled will still run) and a curtailing of social media activity.

While this is a step that we deeply regret, given that it will not enable us to support work in the field both at Lancaster and elsewhere in the ways that we normally would, we as a board do not feel that the Centre should play any role in adding to the pressures that so many of us find ourselves under.

We are living through exceptional times and feel strongly that the ways university life is conducted need to respond to the full implications of this situation.

The suspension of all but essential CSS activities will continue for a period of six weeks, after which the board will review whether normal activities can be resumed or if the suspension should continue.

Signed, the CSS Board

CSS announces temporary suspension of activities
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