Talk by Duncan McLaren ‘In a broken world: Towards an ethics of repair in the Anthropocene’

SR+ seminar of interest to STS-folks

‘In a broken world: Towards an ethics of repair in the Anthropocene’

Duncan McLaren, Research Fellow, Lancaster Environment Centre, Lancaster University

“With the power to break Earth Systems comes responsibility to care for them, and arguably to repair them. Climate geoengineering is one possible approach. But repair is under-researched and underspecified in this context. In a first attempt to establish basic principles for the obligations of repair in the Anthropocene, five disciplines of repair are briefly reviewed: reconstruction of historic buildings; remediation of human bodies; restoration of ecosystems; reconfiguration of cultural materials and artefacts; and reconciliation of broken relationships. In each case ethical practices and debates are described to help identify key themes and challenges in understanding repair. Three interlinked pragmatic ethics or virtues of repair in the Anthropocene are suggested: care, integrity, and legibility. Implications for climate geoengineering, climate politics, and the possibilities of climate justice are explored. Climate repair is defended against objections that it would exacerbate a moral hazard effect, or frame climate responses as politically conservative”. See link.

Thursday 24 January 2019, 12:00-13:30

C37/40 Charles Carter Building, LEC, Lancaster University

SR+ seminars: exploring new research and related action in environmental sustainability and responsibility