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The leadership team for Material Social Futures is: ​   This Leadership Team works closely with a Supervisory Committee from whom the PhD supervisors is drawn. These include: Professor Nigel Paul, of the Lancaster Environment Centre; Professor Nick Dunn of the Lancaster Institute for Creative Arts and the ISF; Professor Rebecca Braun, Dept of Languages […]

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Material Social Futures PhDs

In the first instance, this initiative is supported by a £1.55M investment from the Leverhulme Trust and Lancaster University in The Leverhulme Doctoral Scholarship Programme that will facilitate the development of this new PhD over the next seven years (2018-2025). The The Leverhulme Doctoral Scholarship Programme will provide a new cadre of 21 PhDs, equipped […]

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Material Social Futures CDT

The future of society is most often treated as a consequence of a myriad of merging technological outcomes, which drive industrial trends, globalization, and the ubiquity of consumerism. Such a future is often seen as inevitable; the future we get is the one we are given. Whilst many people desire ethical futures, ones which, for […]

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