Workshop programme Day 2

March 26

Session 2: Social cognition and the influence of others


9:30-10:00         Jessica Wang (Lancaster University, UK)

Lost in perspectives: the self and other in referential communication


10:00-10:30       Yukio Maehara (Nagasaki University, Japan)

Cognitive control oriented by the reward of self and others: Working memory, social motivation, ADHD traits in healthy adults


10:30-10:45      Break


10:45-11:15       Yusuke Moriguchi (Kyoto University, Japan)

Individual differences in the functional development of the prefrontal regions during early childhood


11:15-11:45       Yuko Munakata (University of Colorado Boulder, USA)

Group influences on children’s delay of gratification: Testing the roles of culture and personal connections


11:45-12:15       Commentaries by Charlie Lewis (University of Lancaster, UK)


12:15-13:30       Discussion over lunch


13:30-15:00      Group Discussions