Workshop programme Day 1

March 25

Session 1: Shared cognition and the science of collaboration


14:00-14:15            Opening Remarks


14:15-14:45            John Towse (Lancaster University, UK), Yukio Maehara (Nagasaki University, Japan) & Satoru Saito (Kyoto University, Japan)

Joint cognition and random number generation: Cognitive processes when sharing an executive function task


14:45-15:15       Motonori Yamaguchi (Edge Hill University, UK)

What’s shared in task sharing?


15:15-15:30       Break


15:30-16:30       Tsung-Ren Huang (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)

Socially-shared retrieval-induced forgetting is not primarily a social or retrieval-induced effect


16:00-16:30       Randall C. O’Reilly (University of Colorado Boulder, USA)

Computational models of motivated and risky decision making


16:30-17:00       Commentaries by Graham Hitch (University of York, UK)