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Catherine Walsh 

Lancaster Environment Centre 

Lancaster University 

LA1 4YW 

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Twitter : @Catheri24328981

PhD Project 

I am currently a student with the Waitrose Collaborative Training Program, supervised by Dr Marjorie Lundgren and Dr Mike Roberts. My project aim is to optimise the yield and flavour of rocket salad crops. I am specifically examining wild rocket (Diplotaxis tenuifolia), as it employs a C2 photosynthesis strategy to recycle CO2 and improve carbon concentration. This type of photosynthesis is still being studied to understand its implications on plant mechanisms. I am hoping to undertake glucosinolate and flavanol profiling at the University of Reading in collaboration with Dr Luke Bell to determine the effect of the C2 strategy on these compounds. My research will contribute to this knowledge by investigating how the C2 pathway effects stress tolerance and yield of rocket salad. The results of this study may then be used by growers to maintain production of this highly nutritious crop during the onset of climate change.


MSc in Sustainable Agriculture & Food Security, Lancaster University 2012-2015 

 BSc Horticulture, Myerscough College 2009-2012 

 HND in Garden Design, Myerscough College 2001-2004