Jierong Zhu – Term 2

The overall image of this week for me was dropping from heaven to hell.  How happy the heaven was, how terrible the hell was. On last Saturday, I went to Molly’s to celebrate the Valentine’s Day with my flatmates in advance although none of us have the boyfriend. However, it does not affect our good mood.  The weather was so pleasant. It felt especially warm and happy when the winter sun was shining on us. We talked a lot and ate a lot. The pork ribs were so amazing. Meats were tender and the sauce was declivous. The homemade soup of mushroom was my favourite as well. The pureed soup with fresh garlic bread was a perfect match.

On Sunday, a big surprise came to me. I received a bunch of red roses elaborately wrapped with decorative paper and bows. When I opened my bedroom door in that morning, it appeared besides my feet. At that moment, I was totally shocked. After a while, I guessed this must be a hoax. Finally, I knew the gift was from my girlfriend who are in Los Angles now. She asked my roommate to book it for me.  I was greatly touched by receiving flowers from her, which is even more than receiving the gift from my boyfriend if I have a boyfriend.

The lucky days were over and the bad days were coming. On Monday, I checked the email. Several coursework marks came together, which was for Ac.F 212, Econ 207 and Econ 212.OMG. My average aggregation score dropped dramatically, which is  from  the edge of the first degree to the  edge of the upper second degree. I could not image what my score would be at the end of Year 2. I had 8 exams needed to be taken at the end. Each course has a mountain of work load of 10 weeks’ lectures and tutorials ( or workshops). How I can  cope with them! I even could not deal with 5 weeks’ contents. I became  depressed. However, the days still have to continue to go on whether it is full of sunshine or haze in the way of life. On Tuesday, there was a test needed to be prepared for. I should work harder than before to push the average aggregation score up during the following tests.

I heard an interesting story from the Internet. That is if you manually setting the date of your iPhone or iPad to 1 January 1970, the electronic facilities will get permanently stuck while trying to boot back up if it’s switched off. At first, I thought it was just a joke. However, one of my friends tried and his iPhone 6 was dead now, just like a brick. Later, it comes to the official news. Never look for trouble, or you will be in trouble, the fact tells us. Haha.