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So as I am writing this I have just seen that the exam timetables are out, which is very scary but also a little exciting, as it will mark the end of my four years here at Lancaster Uni. Although I will be sad to leave, I feel like the time has come for me to move on with my life and to follow the path to my next adventure.


I have been very lucky this year as most of my exams are quite spread out, giving me time in between to focus and revise for specific exams. A lot of people don’t like Saturday exams and, whilst I found the idea strange in first year, I don’t mind them as exam season is what it is, you’d be revising on a Saturday if you didn’t have an exam! My birthday is also in May and I am pleased to say that this year, I don’t have an exam on my birthday and only one left at the end of that week, so all in all it’s a great result! I have my Gold D of E presentation in May and my exam schedule has allowed me to attend this, which I am so excited about, especially as it’s the 60th year anniversary this year!


All the above being said, the exam timetable highlighted that final exams are approaching, and fast. However, you shouldn’t panic as you still have time, you need to focus on your modules this term, understand them well and put in the work now as then revision becomes a lot easier.


Over the years at University I have attempted to improve and develop my exam technique and I think I’ve got a lot better! Before coming to university and even in first year I was very anxious about my exams, which caused me to feel ill beforehand and during the exams. I always used to panic and as soon as that happened and my performance was most definitely affected. This frustrated me as I knew I had put the work in so could do the exams better, therefore I decided to do something about it.


I looked online at different calming techniques and spoke to my mum about it, but ultimately it came down to personal preference/what worked for me. As the exams went on, I decided that I needed to make a conscious decision I could do them and be positive. Therefore I ate healthy each exam day, meaning I wouldn’t feel ill, and I took deep breaths before each exam. (This sounds obvious/a little silly but it really helps to just concentrate on your breathing and put yourself in a focussed mood). I also allowed myself 1 minute of ‘panic’ time in every exam, so if I opened a paper and couldn’t see the wood for the trees I’d panic, then stop myself, breathe and think, let’s do this as best as I can. This works for me and I am a lot better at exams now, resulting in higher grades which is naturally very important.


Perfecting your exam technique can be really helpful as, you need to know your facts to answer the test questions, but if you know how to answer them successfully and how to achieve ‘easy’ marks, then your results will be a lot stronger.


One of the modules I study is AcF.317 and it’s one that I really enjoy. There is a one-hour lecture each week and then a two-hour seminar in the form of a case class, which is the part I really enjoy. Each week we are given a case study, which we then have to read over, analyse and answer questions on. I find this really interesting, looking at control systems in practice and how different businesses in different industry achieve success/manage their staff. The classes are small, around 12 people, which is really good as everyone has a chance to voice their opinions and it’s really interesting when others think of points you haven’t considered/analyse at a fact in a different way.


As part of Lancaster University Gospel Choir, I sang at the World at Lancaster events on campus and it was really fun! It was amazing to walk around the different stalls and see so many different cultures and learn new things from different languages and foods to all about the Chinese zodiac signs and New Year celebrations. I was actually in London last weekend for the Chinese New Year and it was amazing; the parade was so cool and there were lots of people, from all different areas and backgrounds chatting and sharing stories.


Thanks again for reading and hope this was interesting for you guys, speak soon, Jen J






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