Week 4 – Jenni Hanford

I can’t believe we are already at the end of week 4 in Lent term, where is the time going this year?! I realised I’ve never spoke about what a typical week at Uni is like for me so I thought I would discuss that with you guys this week. I’d also like to talk about what some of my friends are doing who graduated last year, to give you an insight into life after University and show you it can be anything you want it to be, sometime the most unexpected!

So I took a placement year, meaning a lot of my friends graduated last year and they are doing a variety of things. One of my friends has gone on to post graduate studies, which she is really enjoying, as it is a different type of work and offers a new perspective on University life. She has joined a new society and made lots of new friends. Some of my other friends started out with retail jobs and bar work straight after they graduated, but now they have applied for graduate schemes and started to look into areas they want to work long-term and can see where their life path leads. One girl has gone travelling, wanting to take new adventures in life before she settles down/decides where she should go next. Finally, my best friend got a temporary job in the subject area she wants to be in, Finance, and has applied for different schemes, looked back at her work experience and really focussed in on what she wants to do and where she wants to work. She is also getting married this year, ready to start an entirely new chapter in her life, which is beyond exciting!! I really wanted to share these personal experiences with you guys as it shows how diverse the world is, there is something out there for everyone. You shouldn’t feel anxious about next year, especially if you’re not 100% sure what you want to do. Try what you think is right for you and go from there, there’s no right answer except just being you. We all have to grow up eventually but just don’t forget your friends and what you learnt at University, because it’s made you the person you are today.

So after that little snippet into the adventures awaiting you after graduation, here is my typical week.

Mondays, the start of the week, the day everyone dreads. I, fortunately, don’t have any lectures on a Monday this term, most of the time, so I have a lie in till about 8am (I’m an early riser), get ready and then head onto campus. I love the booths in the library, as I’ve said too many times before, so I normally head straight there and get to it. I have breaks throughout the day, meet up with friends or catch up on an episode on Netflix before going to Art society in the evening.


Tuesdays I have a seminar and a lecture in the afternoon, so I make the most of my ‘spare’ time in the mornings and study, sometimes in the management school as I like the atmosphere and I can meet my course mates, discuss work/life and have a coffee. I attend my classes and then head home, usually for a nap and then complete any work that I didn’t earlier/needs doing.


Wednesdays are my 9am days so I get up; grab a coffee and head to my tutorial. I then spend the rest of the day in the library or nip into town if there is anything I need, before going to Lancaster University Gospel Choir in the evening. I love choir, and not just because I’m the president, but the people are always so cheery and it always puts me in a great mood.


Thursdays I have 11am – 3pm, so lunch is always tricky, but I always try to remain focussed and then I make sure I have a break before doing some work in the evening when at home. I also attend Mandarin classes in the evening on campus, as I wanted to try something new and challenge myself.


I have exec meetings on a Friday and a pretty relaxed day in terms of timetabling, as I only have a 4-6pm. I try to take breaks during the day and eat healthily so I am still awake by 4pm, then I know by 6 the weekend is starting and I can take a break in the evening.


Weekends I typically study in the day and take breaks in the evenings/lunchtimes, trying to also exercise regularly and feel healthy, but still having treats now and again.


Hopefully this was quite interesting for you guys and has helped to show that work is very important, but so are breaks and other activities to keep your weeks balanced. Thanks again for reading, until next time, Jen J