Jierong Zhu

This week is the ‘easiest’ week I ever had since the Lent Term begins. There is no coursework I need to worry about in this week and next week. I am the person who prefers putting my all attention into one particular coursework 7 days in advance before the deadline. I am a ‘faster’ learner. There is no doubt that deadline is always No.1 productive force. It makes me be urged to learn, and constantly to concentrate.

I have no idea what’s wrong with the facilities in the library in this week. On Monday, the printers did not work. I printed the documents three times by three different printers, which makes my printer account fell from £5 to negative amount. Bad luck! However, every coin has two sides. It was my first time to know that I actually could return the printer fee via the website. Thanks to technology, my printer account became positive again. In addition, on Tuesday, I changed two printers since both of them could not identity my ID card. Moreover, on Thursday, every time I found the computer desk, the computers could not boot. There were at least 6 computers that did not work on the second floor of the library.

On Tuesday, the weather was so terrible. The wind roared from day to night. And iLancaster even gave an emergency notification for flood warning. After getting the piece of information, I discussed with my friends, who travelled with me during last flood time, about where we should go, what we should bring and when we should leave here and so on. However, after around 5 minutes, the alerts were cancelled. I do not know why I felt know a little bit ‘what a pity’.

Chinese New Year is coming. I even could hear this information on the bus during the talks between two foreigners. There were varieties of activities in campus and in the city centre to feel the atmosphere of Spring Festival in advance. On Friday, there was an event about Chinese traditional games, such as hoopla, paper-cut for window decoration, guessing the riddles and so on. On Sunday, another event was held in the city centre. The weather was not so nice. When I arrived in the city centre, it was a little bit late so that I can only found the game facilities, like in a children’s amusement park. So cool.

The biggest thing for me in this week is the paintball event on Saturday. As a planner of this event, it was such a hard day for me. I woke up at 6 o’clock in the morning on that day although I did go to bed fell in sleep until 1 o’clock. This is because there was still a few works need to done. For example, due to the weather problem, few people cancelled this event, which means the group member and number should be reallocated. When they are playing the paintball, I need look after their clothes and belongs in the wind. There was no extra room for us to stay. During the interval among the games, I helped them clean their dirty faces and sticky hair, which was the result of being hit. Thanks to God. Since most of them had limited power to continue to play the games, the event was finished at 2 o’clock. On Sunday, the feedback from participators was generally wonderful. A little bit of proud and having more motivation to correct the mistake in this time. I believe next time I will do better.