Jierong Zhu – Term 2 blog

Wow, I eventually finished my Michaelmas Term in this week. On Monday, I handed in the report for Ac.F 211 and on Thursday I took the test of ECON 207. At first, I thought I was the busy one that in one week need to finish two pieces of coursework. After having a  lovely afternoon tea with my friend on Saturday, I changed my mind completely. She really had a such tough week last week. She had a report handed in on Monday and finished  a test on the same day. And on Thursday and Friday she took a test respectively. I have no idea how she did survive. She made a joke that as long as you chose a ‘right’ course, you take Gaokao every term.

This week I was not only busy with the coursework but also busy with planning an event. This can be the first event I hold after joining the society. I really want to show a good result. Booking the field, doing the advertising, calculating the costs and selling the tickets….. So many things need to be done. I made a mistake when I was booking the field. The package we ordered did not include the free lunch actually. It was pretty tricky.  When you see it on the home page which includes the free lunch, but if you click in the Preston, the free lunch disappears. And then on the page of payment, the free lunch shows again. As the ticket we sold includes the free lunch, if the firm did not prepare it for free, we need to buy the lunch at our own expense. It increases the costs and causes a loss. I must say it is lucky to realize the problem before, not on the day of the event. After that, I tried to offset that part of loses by negotiating with the firm for extra discounts. It failed. Then I keep in touch with the coach company instead of hiring the taxies. It helps save a great amount of money, which is enough for the lunch. So proud of myself.

Until this Friday, I finally adapted the time difference. The problem of jet lag is especially serious for me this time. Usually I just need one to three days to cope with jet lag. During past half month, I went to bed before 10 o’clock and woke up at around 6 o’clock. Such a healthy bedtime. During my journey to Los Angles, I had a similar experience that whenever I fell sleep, I would wake up at around 7 o’clock in the morning. However, although I woke up so early, I did not get out of bed and do something meaningful. It was dark outside , which made me do not want to move.

After returning Lancaster, I always kept looking for an exquisite postcard which shows the scene of Lancaster. I have a habit of sending a postcard of local view to home during travelling. This time I would like to send it to my friend in Los Angles to express my appreciation for taking me out. I found there were limited types of postcards. I guess this is because Lancaster is not a tourist city. Among them, I only recognize one scenic spot, Lancaster Castle. I visited it once when I was in Foundation Year during the fresher week. Last year, the Queen of England has been here also. Haha, I still remember, it was a rainy day. The design of the postcard is oil-painting style. Hope she will like it.