Walking on Sunshine

The sun has finally come to Lancaster and you can’t help but feel the newfound energy on campus.  Walking through Alexandra Square I noticed the air abuzz with laughter, excitement, and procrastination. But before you judge, it was rather a “fruitful” type of procrastination. One that ends in the sweet sweet taste of victory in […]

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Dissertation support – lab session

This is the fourth teaching week for the dissertation session, which will last for ten weeks- the first five weeks are lectures-delivery and the other five weeks are surgery sessions during which you can consult questions. Each week, lectures will be delivered twice and last for four hours each. Although the lecture time is a […]

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Start of the new term

Just finished my first lecture of the summer term during which we will write our master thesis. According to our professor, the thesis is going to be “the most challenging piece of work we have undertaken so far”. I’m exited to get started. 🙂

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