Making the most of the Lancaster opportunity

After the completion of my undergraduate degree in China, I decided to pursue my Master’s degree in the United Kingdom. It was a long process of choosing my ideal university and major, handing in applications, accepting offers and making a final decision of which university I would choose: Lancaster University.

After more than three months, now is a good time for me to look back and reflect on this decision.

The first term was truly amazing! Since beginning the MSc Management course, I made up my mind that this year I would value the opportunity of studying in UK and try my best to challenge myself to get the best experience. I believe that I have achieved the goal to some extent.

Although the global Covid-19 pandemic has impacted us a lot, there are still many activities that we can attend and a lot of experience we can enjoy in Lancaster University Management School (LUMS).

I have done a lot of things in the first term, such as, joining the LUMS French Beginner Evening Class, becoming the Student Representative in my programme, getting a job as a Student Ambassador in LUMS, joining the Lancaster University Investment and Finance Society (LUIFS), attending helpful online events in Lancaster University Target Connect website, and I’m now planning to apply for the Study Abroad Scheme with LUMS’ partner universities in other countries.

All these things mean my life here has been very busy but bright and cheerful as well. I need to arrange my time well to balance all these activities and study. One of the most memorable recent experiences came in my role as a Student Rep in MSc Management. At the end of Michaelmas term, as the only Chinese student rep in my programme, I received a task to arrange the Experience Sharing meeting for the Chinese students in this programme, inviting several Chinese alumni, Dr Ruilin Zhu and all of our Chinese classmates.

This task involved much consideration. For example, I needed to write emails to alumni and Dr Ruilin Zhu to see when they were available, and get permission from alumni to add their personal contact information to set up a WeChat group so we could negotiate about further details. I also set up an announcement in our programme WeChat group to gather questions from classmates about what topics they would like to learn from the alumni and collated all these questions in a Word document to send to alumni.

In addition, I knew that a timely update of the current progress of the arrangement was very important, so I wrote emails to our programme director Radka Newton and Co-ordinator Kim Barrington to report the latest progress on this upcoming meeting. They were both very supportive and helped a lot.

At that time, I was also occupied with my Marketing coursework, which had a tight close to the Experience Sharing meeting. Therefore, you could imagine how busy I was, since both these tasks were time-consuming. But as I have made up my mind to do everything with earnest attitude, I made it! The meeting was a success and the coursework was satisfying. Now I feel really happy for daring to challenging myself. I learnt a lot and it was enjoyable.

My advice to you is keep on challenging yourself, just imagine you are brave enough and you can become tough and excellent. Lancaster University offers a great amount of opportunities and resources. Even in the pandemic, I have had such a wonderful experience here., and you can also gain a great unexpected experience.

Never wait for opportunities to come, find them yourself. Wish you all can have the most memorable life here and have the brightest future!

Shan Lu