About My Degree – BSc Economics by Faraz Khokhar

Economics is an evaluation of decision making; how agents such as firms, individuals or the government can make decisions and the affect on the local and national economy. Using statistical and mathematical models, we can put a number as to whether one decision has better results than the other.

As I have just finished my first year studying BSc Economics, I thought I would be at a disadvantage having not done A-Level Economics before coming to university. However, these initial worries have soon become overlooked as I have managed to secure a first class mark this year without having any prior economics knowledge. It was mainly the maths that was playing at my advantage.

Having accomplished a top grade this year (though it doesn’t carry any weight towards my degree) and beginning my studies at Lancaster, I have soon realised how lucky I am to be studying at this institution. Since starting my studies and meeting people at university (both external speakers and internal students), it has become apparent to me that a degree does not necessarily lead to that dream job. Due to the competitive landscape of the job market and thousands of students graduating every year, one must really stand out in order to secure top internships whilst at university and receive job offers upon completion of degree. Times are changing and there is a lot more stress on extra-curricular activities and work experience. Hence, I’ve realised that the university experience is what you make of it. Opportunities are there but no one hands them to you. One must avail them on their own.

My time so far has been enriching. I’ve met industry leaders in the world of banking and finance, successful entrepreneurs, top graduate recruiters and so on. Listening and speaking to each one has increased my commercial awareness. You can learn a lot by listening to someone’s experience and career journey, it grows you as a person and makes you aware of the world out there. Either I can be actively seeking these opportunities to interact with others, or I could be sleeping in my university room. The choice remains mine and I hope to carry on choosing the first.

I also had so much fun helping for the 2020 UG prospectus photoshoot and had the opportunity to be on live news (BBC News at Ten).

Below are some of my achievements in just my first year at Lancaster:

  • Held 4 active part time jobs: Digital Content Ambassador for Lancaster University, Social Media Assistant and Student Ambassador for the Management School and Shift Leader at Tesco)
  • Secured a spring week during Easter break (internship for first year students) with UK Civil Service (Civil Service Fast Stream)
  • Took part in a 3-day Future Leader Experience course during Easter break
  • Nominated and won ‘Student Employee of the Year’ award by NASES (National Association of Student Employment Services)
  • Gained a global experience by travelling to Malaysia for 3 weeks as part of a cultural exchange programme with Sunway University

I soon look forward to coming back for second year as I have gained an interest in Economics, even more so then before and I hope to continue making the most of the opportunities given to me as a proud Lancaster student!