My Clearing Story 

By Isabella, 3rd year BSc Accounting & Finance My name is Isabella, and I first came to Lancaster in October 2018, just over a month after receiving my A Level results.   I attended a sixth form in South East London where I studied Maths, Economics and Geography. I was certain in school that I wanted to […]

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My experience at LUMS

Aleksandra, 3rd Year MORSE student currently on a placement year. My first day in Lancaster was also my first day in the United Kingdom. I came to Lancaster University straight after finishing High school in Latvia where I have been studying for 12 years. It was a big challenge for me to come alone to […]

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Placement opportunities can come from the most unexpected places

Hi, I’m Tonina, a fourth-year Business Management student, completing my final year at LUMS after returning from a Marketing placement at Prestwich Pharmacy, a Manchester-based wellbeing centre. What is it like applying for placements? My placement application process started in early October and finished in late June. As you can imagine, trying to stay motivated […]

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Searching for the right marketing strategies

Searching is one of the main ways that people navigate the internet, and if you’re a website owner you want to be front and centre for any related searches your customers might make.  In their range of different forms, advertising and marketing are about gaining attention – you want to be where people are looking, where they interact, so search is definitely the first place you want […]

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