I briefly mentioned in one of my previous blog-posts about budgeting the idea of Adulting. I expressed that University is an opportunity to become independent and begin adulating.  The term adulting can be found in the urban dictionary, it is essentially the process of becoming an adult by behaving like an adult, to do the […]

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Telephone Interview: Grant Thornton

I recently had my telephone interview with Grant Thornton last Sunday. It was quite nerve-wracking watching the clock and knowing my phone would ring any moment. This was my third telephone interview. I had one last summer with ICAEW to become the campus ambassador and one with PwC, then this one with Grant Thornton. Here […]

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Life at university

New environment Coming from a big city like London, adjusting to Lancaster was definitely a challenge. Being from London, it’s easy to think everywhere else in the United Kingdom is just like London, but this is not at all the case. A word a lot of people associate with London is diversity. Around 300 different […]

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I was recently contacted by the Windsor Fellowship to apply for the opportunity to attend an Insight day at Deloitte, their London office. The insight day was intended for undergraduate students in their first year/penultimate and final year interested in the professional services. The Windsor Fellowship is a charitable organisation. They design and deliver innovative […]


Monitoring your progress

The typical university student is doing a three-year degree, but it’s only the second and final year that actually counts towards their degree classification. Some degrees are designed so second year is worth 50% of the degree classification and third year worth the remaining 50%. We’ve all heard people say that first year doesn’t count, […]

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