Jierong Zhu – Term 2 blog

Wow, I eventually finished my Michaelmas Term in this week. On Monday, I handed in the report for Ac.F 211 and on Thursday I took the test of ECON 207. At first, I thought I was the busy one that in one week need to finish two pieces of coursework. After having a  lovely afternoon […]

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Term Two – Jierong Zhu

I arrived at London Heathrow Airport on January 8th. I took only 1 hour and 50 minutes to take the train, go through immigration, pass security check and finish the flight connecting. That is unbelievable! However, I would never ever put myself into this kind of situation. I was anxious while waiting in a long […]

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Lent Term – Jenni Hanford

Lent Term – Blog 1 So the end of last term was quite a bit different than normal, due to the flooding University ended a week early and I didn’t end up doing a final blog for the term! That being said I hope everyone had a lovely relaxing break and Happy New year to […]

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Jierong Zhu

Overall, The life in Week 10 was out of control, but it was a special experience. Haha, who can have a personal experience of a flood during his campus life. The power suddenly was cut off on Saturday evening, while I was typing my report for Ac.F211 on my laptop at home. At first I […]

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Last Friday (November. 13th), bomb and gun attacks had hit central Paris at least 6 public places, which shocks me. And I immediately attempted to contact with my friend who is currently studying in the Paris. Thanking God, she stayed in the dormitory and did not go to the city centre. But I was sorry […]

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Jenni Hanford – week 8

It’s Week 8, the deadlines have crept up and those test dates are imminent. It’s amazing how fast these past few weeks have gone and my friends and I were discussing it felt like yesterday when we were moving back to Lancaster. It’s exciting too though because it’s nearly Christmas time and I love when […]

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By Lee Jing Chan

By Lee Jing Chan I have been very busy in week 6 preparing for accounting and economics tests as well as finishing coursework. I learned a lot in this process, especially on how to prepare a formal report for the coursework. I was assigned to a group of students with different backgrounds in completing the […]

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Jierong Zhu – Week 5

In week 5, we have a new Ac.F 211 lecturer, not Chinese. He is such an interesting man and his speed is super fast. Once when I just turn to the page which he is talking about, he has moved to the next slides. He tried to make us involved in the lecture, taking out […]

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Jierong Zhu

In week 3, the biggest news for all the Chinese who are current studying or working in the United Kingdom is that our president, Jinping Xi, took a visit to the Britain with her life, Liyuan Peng for 5 days (from October 19th to October 23rd ). I think it may be the only chance […]

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Week 6 – Jenni Hanford

Although there’s always a lot to do at University, sometimes too much when you think about lectures, tutorials, deadlines, self-study, societies etc, it’s important to think about life after it’s all over, a very sad thought indeed! University is about enjoying a whole new life experience; making new friends, learning new subjects, living independently and […]

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