Term 2 – Jierong Zhu

For Easter Holiday, I have a plan of travelling. I would like to travel around the world during college period as I would not have available chance and time after graduating from university and starting to work. We decide to go to Italy. I must complaint about the Italian visa. It is especially inconvenient. We […]

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Week 9 Already? – Jenni Hanford

Week 9 Already?!   Wow, week 9 of Lent term, next week I’ll be having my final ever lectures, apart from revision sessions in April and it’s scary, really really scary. University is such a scary concept when you are first arriving, but leaving is even scarier! It’s at this time I’ve started to reflect […]

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Jierong Zhu – Term 2

The overall image of this week for me was dropping from heaven to hell.  How happy the heaven was, how terrible the hell was. On last Saturday, I went to Molly’s to celebrate the Valentine’s Day with my flatmates in advance although none of us have the boyfriend. However, it does not affect our good […]

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Jenni Hanford – week16

Lent Term, Week 16 Blog   So as I am writing this I have just seen that the exam timetables are out, which is very scary but also a little exciting, as it will mark the end of my four years here at Lancaster Uni. Although I will be sad to leave, I feel like […]

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Week 4 – Jenni Hanford

I can’t believe we are already at the end of week 4 in Lent term, where is the time going this year?! I realised I’ve never spoke about what a typical week at Uni is like for me so I thought I would discuss that with you guys this week. I’d also like to talk […]

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Jierong Zhu

This week is the ‘easiest’ week I ever had since the Lent Term begins. There is no coursework I need to worry about in this week and next week. I am the person who prefers putting my all attention into one particular coursework 7 days in advance before the deadline. I am a ‘faster’ learner. […]

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Applications – Jenni Hanford

Blog – Applications   When people mention Graduation, final exams, the final term, I always start to switch off then I realise, wait, that’s me!! It’s such a strange feeling to think that this will be my last undergraduate year at Lancaster because it feels like yesterday when I was just a nervous bundle moving […]

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