Studying experience towards the end of second term

When we are fully devoting ourselves into one thing, we usually ignore other things, as currently all I am thinking about is to finish the coursework assignments as much as possible. However, when I realize that there are only three weeks left for the second term, even if I feel kind of pressed because of the deadlines, I feel the need to reflect for a while, reminding myself to lead a normal life like keeping regular habits–not to skip any meal at least. Three weeks can be long when everyone needs to work hard for the period, but it can also be quite short compared to so many weeks we all have in our life.

In the first term, team members for coursework are allocated by the department. What matters is to know what everyone is good at and  integrate  people’s advantages to finish coursework as best as possible and cooperate with each other happily. As to the modules selection for the second term, there are several cases. Some are influenced by their peers, and usually they choose the same modules and will be in the same group for coursework. Some may choose modules they think that are relatively easy with the thought that they would rather not to push themselves so hard. Others select modules beneficial to their future career. During the Lent term, around seven lectures are arranged each week on average. After lectures, time can be allocated freely on our own, cooking, joining activities held by LUMS such as career consultation and polishing resume, and various social activities organised by clubs or Lancaster University Student Union.

There are classmates from many different countries. Naturally, cultural difference exists, but besides the fact we have different native languages, different looking, and each nation has its own unique customs, we are the same in the sense that people are willing to make friends with each other and people would love to help each other when you show good characters of yourself. Also, all the staff including administrative secretaries, professors and teaching assistants are ready to help you. Whenever a problem is raised, you can always turn to someone for help, so there is nothing to be concerned about.

Hard or not, try to enjoy the life you currently own. Every day is precious and worth treasuring. You should be grateful that you have such an experience that you might think is hard but actually it will not be any longer when you have gone through it. Do not forget your initial faith that motivates you to choose to study in LUMS Accounting and Finance Department. Wish all of the prospective students of LUMS have a happy study journey and wonderful future.