Getting ready for Lent Term

As the holidays whizz by, and the beginning of lent term gets closer, so do all the exams, and deadlines along with it. With so many deadlines within a week or two, after going back, it might seem overwhelming at the end of the holidays when you have only got a week or so left, but have not done any of the work you were supposed to. Having found myself in similar situations in the past, I think I’ve got it figured out? (Probably not)

After having taken some well-deserved time off from coursework and revision during Christmas and New Year’s, it’s incredibly difficult to buckle down and refocus on work. However, it must be done! I’ve found that easing myself back into it is a lot easier than trying to get things going the day before the break ends. Doing things like reading or making notes, provides a sense of productivity but doesn’t need much hard work to get done. Once you feel like you are back in your groove, it’s time to get those essays going (unfortunately). Let’s face it we’ve been there, when we don’t want to look at the time anymore because the deadlines that close and we barely submit it on time. Now this might be an effective strategy for you, but usually the quality of work does suffer when you do this. Having taken the time to properly do my last assignment, trust me when I say that you feel proud handing in a good piece of work.

If the essays weren’t enough to break your student minds down however, we’ve got exams as well! If you don’t know what topics are being covered in those exams yet, might be a good time to find out. If you do know what topics are being covered, you could sit back and relax thinking you’re ahead of the crowd, or start reading the stuff (would recommend option two here, but no reason to listen to me! I’m just a voice on the internet). Preparing well beforehand does help, and it also means that when you get back to university, all you have to do is revise. With that in mind, start studying! (after you finish reading the rest of this stuff)

It might seem a tough task at the moment to actually start doing work again, and you might find 20 better things to do even, but at the end of the year if you want that top grade, you just have to go ahead do it now! Getting back to university after the break is one of the many struggles a university student must learn to conquer, if not, the impending doom awaits. (not really)