Postdoctoral opportunities: Senior Research Associate (x2) in superconducting qubits with moveable junctions

We are seeking two postdoctoral researchers to study quantum nanomechanics using superconducting qubits with moveable junctions.

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Coupling between a mechanical resonator and a qubit is a key to controlling single phonons, to creating ultra-sensitive detectors for force and displacement, and ultimately to studying mesoscopic quantum superpositions of millions of nucleons. Our approach is to make superconducting circuits whose Josephson junctions are themselves moving. We will use suspended carbon nanotubes or graphene nano-membranes, which as well as being excellent Josephson materials are high-quality mechanical resonators. In this way we will enter a largely unexplored regime of hybrid quantum electromechanics. This work is in collaboration with the group of Jon Prance.