Kirsten Davis: My Mental Health Story

Second year Fine Art student Kirsten Davis contacted us to share her honest and open account of her struggles with anxiety and depression.

“It is okay not to be okay. Those feelings that you’re feeling are valid, and you are not wrong in your emotions. But your illness does not define you. If you’re feeling unexplainable sadness, or explainable sadness, or having thoughts of harming yourself, talk to someone. Reach out to people you trust, scream it out until people hear you. There is nothing weak or shameful about admitting that you can’t do this on your own.”

Click here to watch Kirsten’s video – thank you for sharing!

For confidential support with mental health or suicidal feelings, call Samaritans on 116 123.

If you are experiencing problems that are affecting your studies or general wellbeing, get in touch with the University’s Counselling and Mental Health and Wellbeing services.